Within the scope of restructuring measures implemented by the protestant church in Frankfurt, it became necessary to extend the Stephanus church in Unterliederbach, a building from the 1960s, by further rooms for the parishioners. This extension process was also required to incorporate an optimisation of the functional procedures and room organisation. The Stephanuskirche is a solitary building in a public green space.

As well as some changes to the interior, the concept envisages a new portal construction as a prominent symbol of the extension. The portal construction further develops the plastic impression of the stand-alone ensemble consisting of church body and the tower – without abandoning the authentic impression of the 1960s. As well as this plastic integration, the sculptural concept of the portal construction provides an association with the term „opening“. The building is understood as „an opened carton with contents“. The transformation of this everyday spatial situation can be recognised and understood with the unfolding and opening of the building itself.

In the interior, various additive room elements become visible which divide up the different function areas such as foyer, stairs, parish office and meeting room. These room elements („content“), as well as the shell („carton“) are differentiated by materials and colour from each other. The overall space of the portal construction is perceivable from all locations in the interior.

reconstruction and annex Stephanus church/ Unterliederbach, Frankfurt/ M.

in cooporation with D. Jung

constructor: Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt/ M.


status: 02/2009