Despite their individual appearance all projects are derived from a consolidated design strategy:

Specific associations matching the special characteristics of locations and the terms of reference are generated. These associations often arise from the observation and analysis of everyday objects and everyday arrangements of things. These can be urban spatial situations, furnished interior, objects, filled boxes etc. These self-evidently developed spatial situations have their own natural clarity/authenticity and reflect human and social experience. They are examined and transformed
in a graphic, sculptural and architectonic way and hence become an authentic background in different projects. The central topic is perception –
especially in the ambivalence of mass and space, representation and abstraction.

The social experience immanent in the original "association-objects" and the projects derived from them naturally leads to vital utilisations and social interaction in real and urban space. A new perspective on things and objects arises. This new perspective establishes further potentials and connections between images, atmospheres and uses of all kinds.

status: 07/2008